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How to maintain the hotel furniture? you will understand after reading it

May 20, 2021

Maintenance methods of hotel furniture:

1. bruise: if the paint on the hotel furniture is scratches, and does not touch the painted wood, it can use the same crayons or pigments as the color of the hotel furniture. The skin of the hotel furniture is covered with the exposed background color, then coated with a transparent nail polish.

2. burn marks: pyrotechnic or burnt out matches left a focal mark or burning on the surface of the hotel furniture. A fine layer of hard cloth can be wrapped on the toothpick, gently wipe the marks, and then coated with a nail polish.

3. scalding marks: the hotel furniture paint surface is accidentally left with white scalding marks, wipe with cloth stained with alcohol, dew, kerosene or concentrated tea, or apply it with a mixture of smoky ash and lemon juice or salad oil, dry and waxed.

4. water quality mark: cover the mark with a wet cloth, then press it carefully with a masturbator for several times, or smear, dry and wax with salad oil and toothpaste.

5. Milk deodorization: milk can eliminate the smell inside the hotel cabinet. First, put a glass of boiled milk inside the hotel furniture (cupboard type), close the door of the cabinet, and take out the milk after cooling, and the original smell in the hotel furniture will disappear.

6. Vinegar brightens: restore the luster of hotel furniture depends on vinegar. Many furniture will lose its original luster after aging, at this time, add a small amount of vinegar in hot water, then gently wipe with soft cloth dipped in vinegar water. After the water is completely dry, the luster can be restored by polishing with the polish on the hotel furniture.

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Maintenance methods of hotel furniture and sofa:

1. After sitting for a long time, the leather hotel sofa should often pat the sedentary parts and edges to restore the original state and reduce the depression caused by sitting concentration.

2. Pay special attention to avoid collision when carrying sofa.

3. Do not rub the sofa vigorously to avoid damaging the watch. Use alcohol when wiping the sofa, and then use clean water to wipe it dry with clean cloth.